What makes Costa Rica the perfect place to holiday

How to choose a vacation destination when there are so many unique places in the world. If you want to wake up relaxed, enjoy the natural beauty, love the challenge and adventure, or just enjoy the white sandy beaches, your choice will be Costa Rica. This country in Central America will leave breathless and the most demanding travelers will enjoy themselves at https://costaricafocus.com/costa-rica-birding-lodges/.


When you come to Costa Rica, you will be listening this whole day, wherever you are. For Tikos, the people of Costa Rica, “Pura vida” is not just a phrase, it is a way of life , filled with happiness and joy, recipe for relaxation, comfort and long life. It is a way of thinking that you will quickly accept. Maybe, this is the reason why the people of Costa Rica is one of the happiest in the world.


Along the entire coastline, there are about 300 beaches, where everyone will find their part of paradise. White sand combined with the turquoise sea will awaken all your senses and you will want to stop the time. Costa Rica is a holiday for your soul and for your body, wherever you are and wherever you look.


Costa Rica includes several islands. The most distant is the Coconut Island, which is a like a magnet for tourist due to its unique ecosystem of tropical rain forests, which is why it is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The biggest one is Calero Island.


There are not many places in the world where volcanoes are tourist attractions. Irazu is the highest volcano and the name of this volcano means “The hill that bruises”. Aresta is big active one and it is a challenge for those who are want adventure. Next to it , there is a Carro Chato. On the bottom of this volcano, there is a lake, a beautiful natural phenomenon.

National parks

Tortuguero is one of the most interesting national park, which can only be reached by boat. Here you can see the most unusual turtle baby run. Smiling local guides will show you monkeys, crocodiles and poisonous frogs. Here you will experience the spectacular sunsets, that will give you an impression that you will remember your whole life. Manuel Antonio is the smallest one, and the most visited. This national park is among the ten most visited national parks in the world, and you should make sure , why this place is the choice of large number of tourists.


For adrenaline addicts and those who are looking for adventures, Costa Rica is the right chose. Diving with the most diverse sea species and exploring the depth around the islands are the unique experience. Driving to long distance zip lines will cause you dizziness that will keep you remember for a long time. Exploring volcanoes and walking through dense forests, encounters with animals that you have seen only on TV… Only the bravest will past all the challenges that Costa Rica offers. All this will change your view of the world and give a new perspective to your life.


Good news for coffee lovers. Coffee is the national drink of Costa Rica. You can get it untended, directly from plantation or you can have one in many local bars. There are many restaurants that mainly serve fish specialties and seafood, but there are also restaurants offering Mexican, Italian or Asian food. The most interesting memories you will take from the bars where you spent time with pleasant locals, where you eat domestic food and drink local beer. Eating coconut directly from the tree is another thing that will forever remind you of the beautiful Costa Rica.