What is an eddy water descaler?


Eddy water discaler is a water softening system that uses electromagnetic waves to reduce the impact of hard water. It changes the effect of salts such as magnesium and the calcium in a water solution to a less harmful and corrosive soft solution which can be flushed away without any negative interference to the domestic water. This scale performs the same task as the traditional water softener but in a quite advanced manner. We will explore this system and see the most appropriate periods to use it for softening water that can be understood from watersoftenergurus.com/eddy-water-descaler-review/.


How it works


This system works in a process of exchanging the hard water ions with the soft water ions. The soft water ions are the sodium and therefore a brine chamber is set and sporadically filled for the system to function. Due to the high levels of sodium, this system is not recommended for the softening of the drinking water, however, few taps may be omitted to run hard water for drinking as well as cooking.



  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to install and takes less time
  • Condensed and small size
  • Softens water hence easier to clean
  • Money Saving



  • Ought to be installed inside
  • Well drained area to allow the salt tank to release
  • Full softening not guaranteed


Why you should use eddy water discaler.


1. Smoother feeling: softened water is the best remedy for rough skins. It helps care for the body skin by removing the rough particles. The effect of soft water is far much important when applied to bathing and washing dishes and all other household tasks as it is skin friendly.


2. No formation of lime plague: Hard water usually forms a mass of salts around the surface of the basins and dishes. When this water is softened, there is no formation of such scales.


3. Economical: Hard water when used for washing, a large amount of soap is used so as to form a foam for washing and this results in wastage of soap. In softened water, soap is efficiently used since a small amount of soap is enough for washing therefore saving money.


4. Time saving: It has been proved that washing or performing any task using softened water takes little time compared to when using hard water.


5. Less chemicals are used: water that has been softened using this machine can be used with even detergents for washing. In hard water, soaps with high levels of chemicals are used so as to overcome the hardness and function.


6. Improved performance of equipment’s: soft water will definitely be friendly to appliances due to the corrosion as compared to even the hard water, therefore, the appliances take a long time before they become obsolete.


7. Disease Free: This machine will eliminate the functionality of certain minerals which if allowed to accumulate on the surface of the appliances or the taps, may create breeding sites for microorganisms and therefore softened water help avoid such cases.


One of the greatest brands that are recommended for softening the hard water is eddy water descaler. It is the commonly used system due to its high efficiency. The magnetic field prevents the accumulation of a mass of scale but still retains the water hard.