Today is the age of Internet

We can use Internet to virtually do anything in this world. From the banking transactions to selling and buying products everything is done online nowadays. Internet is one the most reliable thing in this age. The world is connected with the Internet. So in this global age you should also change your address online. Your address represent where you live, when you move from one place to another it changes, so you should update it. find more reason to update onĀ
First of all it’s really necessary to update your address when you move from one place to another be it online or be it through manual written process. You may receive important post mails from government authorities or other private authorities or from your some old friends and relatives at any time and if you do not update your address they reach your previous address. Similarly as a dutiful citizen it’s your duty to update your address and let government know where you are.
And if you are going to update your address it’s always better to do it online. It saves your time. It saves your money. It plays a part in making you technologically advanced. It technologically connects you. Rather than wasting your time in going through some tiresome manual written process it’s better if you update it online. If you do not know how to change, you can search it how to do. When you are connected to Internet you can search everything. You can get step by step guide to do anything in the Internet and in this way you shall quickly learn how to update your address online. There is not also any chance of errors as it is you who update the address.
Secondly through a environmental perspective also it’s better that you change your address online. One research done in the United States shows that nearly 41 million of Americans move each year. If everyone changed their address online than about 2,600,000 pounds of paper would be saved which is equivalent of stopping a Carbon Dioxide emission of about 4,6000,000 pounds. The problem of global warming is increasing day by day and if by updating your address online only that much quantity of Carbon Dioxide emission can be stopped then why not update it online? You might think what impact you shall make by your single effort of changing address online, it’s negligible. But a giant forest is made by huge collections of single trees. So your single effort also has a major role in the joint effort of all others.
Thus updating your address online not only makes you do in the easy way, it also makes you healthy as it is good for environment. Not only update your address online but also encourage others to update their address online, teach them how to do it if it is necessary, make them aware of benefits of updating address online, make them a part in saving the environment and play your important role in saving the environment. Use the updated technology, fulfill your duty, save your valuable time, save our environment and thus update your address online.