Tips on Picking a Professional Drum Practice Pad

A common saying is that “Rome was not built in one day”. We can use this analogy to demonstrate your journey to being a professional drummer. In this journey, you will need a drum practice pad. Regardless of whether you are a novice or drumming pro, a drum practice pad is the most basic training equipment you will need. It will help you practice for rudiments, improve your speed and build your technique.

Choosing from the best professional drum practice pads can be a daunting task especially if you are new in the musical instruments’ market. This is because of the bewildering array of practice pad models differing in design, build quality, shape, performance, and price. To make you  work easier, we have compiled a descriptive list of tips on picking a professional drum practice pad.

• Design

Based on design, you can choose from three different categories depending on their shape: Pads on stand, pads only and others. Professionals love the drum practice pad models that feature stands. This is because you can play them while sitting allowing your feet the freedom to move as if playing the hi-hat and bass drum. The other designs may be great but they do not allow you to practice with both your hands and feet.

• Rubber or Mesh Batter Head

The feel and quality of sound produced depend on the material used for the drum practice pad batter head. The two commonly used materials are rubber and mesh. Some manufacturers have introduced unique mesh practice pads with snares. Models with rubber batter heads are generally great and durable.

Mesh pads, on the other hand, feature a tuning key which you can use to adjust the tension of the batter head to your preference in the same way real snare drums are adjusted. Furthermore, the mesh pad models have rims for tensioning the batter head. This feature allows for rim-short practice giving a feel reminiscence of actual performance. The major disadvantage of mesh batter pad is poor lifespan requiring you to make frequent replacements.

• Your Individual Needs

Depending on your level of training, you can choose between a standard drum practice pad and electric practice pad. Both of these models can deliver professional performance depending on the particular brand you buy. In most cases, a standard practice pad is suited for practicing only. The electric version, on the other hand, is ideal both for practice and for adding value to your live sound. The latter also have additional built-in features that give them an edge over the simple mesh or rubber practice pads.

• Your Budget

Generally, drum practice pads are way cheaper than actual drum sets and that is why they are great choices for beginners. Between the models, the rubber batter ones are more affordable that mesh batter heads. However, to get a high-quality electric practice pad you will pay decent amount. The important thing is to choose the pad that can satisfy your needs and at the same time fits your budget. Do some research and take advantage of discounts or other offers to get high-quality professional drum practice pad at competitive prices.


In case you have been looking for a professional drum practice pad then you can use the tips to guide you in making your choice. Go for a reputable brand that has the best features and specifications yet still pocket-friendly. Online platforms such as Amazon and eBay provide you with the chance to view various brands and their models so you can compare the features and prices to arrive at the best decision. You cannot go wrong if you are armed with the above tips.