Tips on Picking a Wedding Dress

First of all, congratulations, you’re getting married! Now here comes the stressful part – picking out the wedding dress of dreams. Here you will find some tips and tricks on how to score beautiful modest wedding dresses with no stress.

1. Nail that Budget

Planning a budget upfront will save you from any stress later down the track. Some brides that found their dream dress had been devastated to say goodbye to it as they did not have the funds to purchase it. Figure out who is paying (you, the groom or family members etc.), determine what your maximum amount is and stay within the budget! Also, keep in mind that any extra tailoring costs will come out of this budget, therefore if you have a $1,500 budget, don’t buy a $1,500 dress just in case unexpected tailoring work needs to be done.

2. Research Wedding Gown Silhouettes

There are six main bridal silhouette categories to choose from; ball gown, mermaid, empire, A-Iine, sheath, and fit-and-flare. When you first begin to shop for gowns try each of the different categories on and you will quickly see which one suits your body shape the most. Choose one or two silhouettes that you liked the best out of the six and you will then be able to narrow your search down by a whole lot.

3. Stick with the Theme

Deciding what kind of wedding you want and where you are having is something to consider when choosing a dress. It would be difficult walking around sand at a beach wedding in a big heavy ball gown. Make sure that the style of your wedding dress fits in with your wedding location and theme. This will also help narrow down your options.

4. Choose and Exclusive Entourage

Buying a wedding dress is an exciting moment for every girl so it’s understandable that you want to bring all your best friends and bridesmaids, your mum, your future mother in law, both sets of grandma’s and maybe your favourite aunty. However, with a big group comes a lot of different opinions. Save yourself the stress of having to listen to everyone and keep your shopping trip exclusive to two or three people whose opinion you care about the most. But also remember, it’s your day, your dress, your choice.

5. Open Mind

You may have had your eye set on your future wedding dress since you were eight years old. However, many brides have rocked up to their dress appointment to try on their dream dress and quickly change their mind very quickly and instead choose a dress they never they would ever wear before. Also, if you are browsing online keep in mind as well that your dream dress on a model and on screen may not look the same in person on yourself.

6. Get Moving

While you are at your dress appointment, go for a walk, sit down, walk up some stairs if you can, and have a dance. Make sure you are comfortable, that you can walk, you can breathe and that you don’t have to worry about the top coming down or straps sliding off. If you can’t do any of the above seriously reconsider purchasing the dress or changing sizes, as you definitely do not want any accidental slips or passing out on your big day.