Psychic Readings

Psychic Reading is an attempt to decipher information using increased discerning abilities. These methods do not involve natural human senses normally used like the sense of touch, smell, hearing and seeing. Psychic Reading is commonly associated with paranormal activity when a
person pays a fee and the psychic readers try to tell the future of that person.

The psychic reading field prospers because of natural curiosity of humans who want to know what exactly the future is holding for them.

There are several types of psychic readings cheap practiced including like:

Palm Reading

Palmistry is the observation of a person’s palms; the lines, shapes, wrinkles and curves on the palm. The observations of the palms are then used to foretell one’s future or the predicaments that may befall them.


Cartomancy is commonly known as card reading. The type of cards and symbolism on is interpreted by the card reader to decipher the psychological states and whatever is coming in the way of the person achieving whatever they are doing.


This is the most common form of psychic reading. This is based on the believed that the alignment of the stars and, the moon and various cosmic factors have a great influence on the birth, life, successes, failures and even the death of a certain individual or even predict the future.. it should be however noted that astrology does not necessarily need psychic ability.


This involves casting of objects like bones or even dice and the position in which the objects fall on the table is used to determine the psychic reading. This is commonly used in very many different ways across all continents.


This is known as the study of a person’s special numbers to decipher their influence in the human life. The special numbers are like their birth dates, and the relation of numbers of their names. These factors are interpreted according to the occult beliefs to perform the occult worlds, people believe that special numbers have an impact on the lives of people.

Rune Reading

According to ancient traditions, there is an alphabet called the rune which has been used since the middle ages. The runes are thrown on the table and the alphabets displayed determine the psychic reading of the person who threw them or the psychic reader.


This is where a psychic reader uses the personal possessions of someone to determine the psychic reading of the person, the readers often asks the client to give them objects that are of the most importance to them and those objects that have a large impact on their lives. Such objects include: family heirlooms, wedding rings, childhood toys and many other ornaments.

Psychic readings have had a share of its problems because sceptics have continuously challenged the methods used by the psychics because mostly they are not clearly defined. However, there are several psychics who have revealed that the methods are mostly used by scrupulous people who extort unsuspecting people of the money.

There have been extensive research done to try and replicate the conditions of the specific readings on a laboratories by scientists and the results have shown that there is no proven presence of any precognitive powers in the humans who claim to be psychics.

There is however a technique called cold reading that most people who claim to be psychic readers use on their clients. Cold reading is being observant the social cues, body language, race, ethnicity and many other parts of the client and come up with informed guesses and making
seemingly random comments that the client thinks are closely related to their lives.