Cannabis Clones

The idea about marijuana cloning has been used by various marijuana growers for some time up to now. But what are cannabis clones? This has been a significant question that many people have been asking themselves when they came across the name cannabis clones. In simple terms, cloning means propagating or cutting a part of the plant and grows it through asexual reproduction. This means that the grower cuts one part of the plant for example parent branches and then try to grow it as a parent plant by providing all the plant growing conditions such as water, sunlight among other conditions. This cloning only happens to those plants that can naturally grow for example marijuana or cannabis.

For many years human beings have exploited this idea of cloning to choose plants to have to grow to create or to come up with plants that have desired and pleasant characteristics. Cannabis clones are usually taken from mother plant which is at its vegetative stage. The process of cloning cannabis is very easy and can be done by anyone provided he or she follows simple procedures. The procedure for doing this process is available on various online websites; you can search for it and try to follow if you are in need of cloning cannabis.

How to select cannabis mother plant for cloning

Successfully cloning usually starts with selecting a good cannabis mother plant. One should remember that not all mother plants can form clone so one should take some time to decide on which cannabis mother plant to choose. Select a mother plant that seems to be health, and that grow rapidly in hard conditions that have large roots, and that has high yields. Also when taking out your clone from the mother plant ensure that the mother plant is at the vegetative stage, this is because if the plant is at the flowering stage, it may be difficult for the clone to grow – making it hard to harvest wholesale cbd oil.

Making cannabis clones

Once you have decided on which mother plant to use, the next step is how to take a clone from the cannabis. Good clones are taken from the cannabis plant that has branches that have been in its vegetative stage for about three months. Cut the clones gently using sharp cutting tools. This will give the clones a higher chance of them to grow and forming roots very first.

When cutting clones from the plant one should ensure that the clones taken should be at least 7 inches for every clone taken from the branch. In addition to that, the clone should have some leaves in order to manufacture some food for the clone when it grows. However, leaves that have matured should be removed from the clones. However, once you have planted the clones, one need to regularly water the clones. The sunlight that should be provided to clones but it should be indirect up to the time when the clones have new leaves. Once the clones have reached a period to be planted, it can now be transplanted to areas where it will be grown. Clones are usually rooted using water method.